Improved & Excellent Battery Life on Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle

19. September 2011 at 14:56

I’ve been using the Nokia N8 running on Symbian Belle for many weeks now after I returned the Nokia 701. I recently installed the CFW v111.020 on it, ditching the old Belle version. And I noticed one impressive experience on Belle aside from UI, the battery life performance.

My Nokia N8 running on Belle gave me no aches anymore especially on the annoying connectivity issues like popping 3G and WiFi choices every time I connect in a new place. Instead, the Nokia N8 now have improved status bar which is integrated with connectivity programs like WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, etc.

Also, the battery consumption is more efficient. Meaning, if I just tap to turn off the WiFi or 3G, it will automatically turn off these program and will not bother you anymore. But you can of course easily navigate to this programs by just going to status bar to turn it on again. Simple, fast and brilliant change over the old Symbian^3 UI and performance.

One statistical example: I charged my N8 yesterday and have been on standby for a day, after that I played songs on it for 30min while on 3G. And I can see the battery status on top and both in battery app are still on the top level. This is not just one typical basis example, I noticed it on other cases too. It really improved from Anna to Belle with exceptions on the screen saver I use. :)

So are you also eager to try out Belle? And when will Nokia N8 and other Symbian Anna devices will receive the Symbian Belle update? The Belle update date is not yet specified but Nokia gave promise that this will arrive in Q4 this year, October to December, but we don’t know which month, maybe during Nokia World 2011.