How to: Save much media from your inbox

31. October 2008 at 22:52

Most of you S60-users out there will know this problem: There was a great event some days ago and your buddies have sent you many pictures and videos from it via bluetooth. Unfortunately the media you have received from your friends is not in your gallery but in your inbox.

Of course you could choose every single message to save the image, video or sound in it to the gallery, but this is very hard with many messages. Thus I decided to make this tutorial on how to save the media from the inbox more fasten to your gallery.

1. At first you need to download the application “X-Plore” for your S60 phone from here.

2. Once you have downloaded the installation-file, install the application on your phone.

3. Go to the menu and get into the “applications”-folder. If the installation was successfull there should be a new icon called “X-Plore”. Choose this icon to start the application.

4. Press “4” on the numeric keypad of your phone to get into the inbox with X-Plore.

5. Scroll down to one of the pictures/videos and choose Menu > Mark > All

6. Choose Menu > Edit > Copy

7. Now go to E: (this is your memorycard) and click on it

8. All the media from your inbox is on your memorycard now and you can easily access it in the gallery

As you can see it’s very easy to save masses of media from your inbox to another place with this great application called “X-Plore”.

If there are any questions or suggestions on this tutorial leave a comment below.