Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 vs. Nokia N96: Built Quality and Size

12. November 2008 at 22:17

N96 X1

Now it’s time to let the two beasts out of their cages and let them in into the arena. Today I want to compare Sony Ericsson’s first Windows device, the X1, against Nokia’s latest flagship, the N96. In this post I want to compare the build quality and the size. Let the first battle begin:

Built quality:


Looking at the N96 you’ll notice immediately that it is made just out of plastic. There are no highlights such as a metal batterycover (like we know it from the E66 or E71). However, when I received the X1 and had it in the hand for the first time I was really blown away. It is made mainly out of steel. Besides the keys and some parts on the back everything is in nobly and stylish metal. After using the X1 several days I switched back to the N96 and as you can imagine the N96 felt like a toy compared to the X1. More over, some parts such as the D-pad make some strange noises which are sometimes annoying. Well, this error will not appear at every N96 but I already heard from other N96 user that they have the same error. Nevertheless, the result is obvious –  the X1 wins due to its awesome and metal built quality. I really would like to see a Nseries device built like the X1

Winner: Xperia X1

Size and weight:


No doubt, the N96 and the X1 aren’t really small devices at all. However, both devices features a huge screen so that both devices cannot be that small. N96’s dimensions are 103 x 55 x 18 mm, X1’s dimensions are 110.5 x 52.6 x 17 mm. So, the N96 is much wider whereby the X1 is a little bit taller. However, both shinny devices feels really good in your hand. The X1 weights 145g and the N96 125g which you can really feel. As the X1 is built mainly out of metal it is obvious that it is ways heavier than the N96. Nevertheless the N96 wins this round due to its weight, comfort in the hand and its size.

Winner: N96

The next comparison will be online soon. So stay tuned!