Interview: Saara Bergström

6. November 2008 at 15:37

Today I have the pleasure talking with Saara Bergström about herself, Nokia and S60. I’m pretty positive that you know her from the S60 Blogs. Read on to learn even more about her and her thoughts.

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So,tell me something about your person

I live in Helsinki, Finland. In my free time I love doing all sorts of sports from running to dancing, which are a very nice balance to all the time I spend with my lappy. At the moment I’m really looking forward to the first snow since snowboarding is my number one hobby in the wintertime. Ice skating on the frozen sea in the shores of Helsinki is something I’m anxiously looking forward to as well.

How do you came to the mobile and S60 scene?

I started managing the S60 Blogs in January 2008. I had been with the S60 team before that already working on related things.

Tell us something about your site / job

I’m based at the Nokia HQ in Espoo, just minutes a way from the Helsinki border. My main thing is to look after the S60 Blogs ( One of the great things in my work is that I’m involved in the “Evening with S60” events, which I really enjoy doing.

Why did you start working for Nokia?

I suppose that is partly a coincidence :-) I started with Nokia as a trainee when I was still studying at the university. At the time my job was to arrange press events among other things. After graduating I landed at the S60 team.

Do you have a idol?

Well, not really. I can definitely think of a number of people I highly respect though.

What was your first S60 phone and which device do you have at the moment?

My first S60 was the Nokia 6620. Currently my main device is the white Nokia E71, which I love! I do have quite many S60 devices on my desk, but the ones I use most at the moment in addition to the E71 are the N96, N82 and 5800 XpressMusic.

What do you like most about S60?

In general I would say the best thing in S60 from my personal point of view is that since we are open to 3rd party developers and do not block anyone, there’s almost an endless range of apps to choose from and also different opportunities for developers to create apps. I really like the way how I’m able to do pretty much everything on my mobile device. From using my phone to take pics on the things I see and places I go and send them directly to any photo sharing service for my friends to see, to finding the nearest sneaker store using maps, and keeping up to date what my friends are up to on Facebook among other things are the things I appreciate in my mobile phone.

Where should S60 make some improvements?

I believe that there’s always room for improvements in whatever we (or anyone else for that matter) do. Personally, I see that user experience is one key area where you can never be too perfect.

Now a question you miss and you want to answer?

Q: What’s the pair of sneakers you really want at the moment?

A: Definitely the Chanel-inspired Nike Dunk High X MTTM’s!