NFC Games For Nokia Phones

17. October 2011 at 12:56

Beta Labs have released wave of games that is NFC based. These games suits to Nokia devices with NFC enabled and would offer interactive participation for all users and tangible new experience. New smartphones like Nokia 701, 700, 600, recently announced Nokia 603, and the year-old Nokia C7 (Astound and Oro) have NFC enable so these products and future ones could try out now the lists of games Nokia have introduced.

If you’re using any of these phones, the lists of games that you could play are listed below. And in order to play them you would need the tagged materials or NFC cards

Nokia World Flags – matching game where you need to tap your NFC enabled phone in order to reveal and match the card’s flag equivalent.

Nokia Shakespeare Shuffle – a puzzle game like where you need to rearrange different quotes in exact order.

Nokia Nursery Rhyme Shuffle – a Shakespeare Shuffle in kids version so instead of quotes the game uses nursery rhymes.

Download and try the NFC games.

Watch the demo below: