Same Place, New Name: SymbianWorld Is Now NokiaWorld

27. October 2011 at 11:46

Dear readers,

As you have may noticed, we recently did started to blog about the Nokia N9, although it is not based on Symbian. Due to this reason and given the fact that Nokia will focus on Windows Phone we decided to open our blog to cover all things related to Nokia – being Symbian, Meego or the newly announced Windows Phone products – the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 710.

That being said we would like to highlight a few things:

We did renamed this blog to NokiaWorld as we do no want to confuse any of our new readers  aksing themself why we are blogging about other platforms than Symbian. In order not to lose any of our loyal readers we also decided to keep this domain as our primary address. However, of course works too.

Also, we are always open for feedback. So if you would like us to change something on our blog or would like us to cover anything special – please let us know.



The Symbian World Team