Nokia N79: Why to love & why to hate

5. December 2008 at 18:26

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Some weeks ago I received the Nokia N79. Now I had my hands on it a few times and I’d like to share a few things I do like about the S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 based N79 and the things I don’t like about this handy candybar device.

Why to love:


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The Nokia N79 mesures 110 x 49 x 15mm. Due to this size the Nokia N79 is really handy and is the smallest S60 device I’ve ever seen. I do love its form factor and the size. It fits perfect in every pocket and feels great in the hand. Although it’s that small and handy it features nevertheless all features you need. From GPS, WiFi, a 5 megapixel camera and more there is everything you can find in the modern devices.


I have my driving licence for some months now and I indeed love music. So, it’s obvious that I love listening to music while driving but I hate burning CD as I have some new favorite songs every week or days. Therefore I was listening to radio which isn’t great. However, since I received the N79 driving became even better. Using the FM-Transmitter I created a playlist and streamed my favorite songs to my car radio. Now I can listen all my music via my loud car radio what I really enjoy. More over, you can use the FM-Transmitter not only in the car but also in you livingroom, bath or everywhere you can find a FM-radio. Here a video showing this function:

Multimedia & internet in your pocket:

As mentioned the N79 is really handy but features all the nifty things you can find in bigger devices like the N96. The things I’m using the most is the music player, internetbrowser, e-mail and the camera. The internet browser of the N79 is just awesome. It shows the sites just like you know them from your desktop at home…even flash videos such as YouTube are no problem. Since I have my new dataplan for internet, which allows me 1GB of internet per month, I started to use the internet browser everywhere – in school, in the bus, or anywhere else. E-mailing is also really comfortable on the N79. The email client works pretty well and shows, if you download the html file, even the graphics and so on. Of course, like I already mentioned, I love listening music everywhere I’m. So I really enjoyed the fact that Nokia shipped the N79 with a 4GB microSD card which is enough for me. Last but not least, the 5 megapixel camera with autofocus, Dual LED flash and Carl Zeis optics. I used this camera quite a lot times for capturing pictures or recording videos. I’m really confident with both the results and I think that the camera is way better than N96’s camera ( I’ll post a comparison soon).

What I hate:

Gaming and multimedia keys:

Well, actually there aren’t things I really hate or which annoiyed me. The N79 is in my easy almost a perfect device. Nevertheless, I think there are some things which would made the N79 even better. For once I don’t like the gaming experience on the N79 due to the fact that it doesn’t have any gaming keys. So it’s pretty hard to play my favorite game ‘The One'( explained more in detail in this video). More over, I’d love to have some multimedia keys to control my music from everywhere from the menu. Maybe some gaming keys we’ve seen on the N81 and some multimedia keys we know from the 5320 Xpress Music? However, besides these two things there is nothing I can add to the things I hate. The built quality is actually good, not as good as on the E66 or E71 but much better compared to other devices.

N81 keys5320 keys

Is there something I forgot or you want to mention? If so, please write a comment.