Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Is Coming?

27. October 2011 at 13:03

I’ve just watched the 3-minute interview of  The Verge with Stephen Elop and noticed some untranslated clue of possibilities of future Nokia Windows 8 Tablet. Clearly, Nokia see this as an opportunity for them by diving into Windows 8 in the form of tablets. Read the translation I’ve jot down below:

Starts at 2:33 of the video:

“With the introduction of Windows 8 as you recognized of the UX of W8 is essentially supercharged version of Nokia Lumia experience that you saw on stage today. And you see the parallels of the opportunity of the commonality from a user perspective…You say wow!, this is just more than smartphones there is broader opportunity here and clearly we see that broader opportunity as well without specifically commenting on that maybe on future…”

Watch the video below:

So it’s very clear that Nokia is indeed heading to the tablet market and they really see Windows 8 as a big opportunity for them. It also noted that the experience is similar to Nokia Lumia but a supercharged version and in short in a tablet or a bigger form. A more exciting future for Nokia, right? :)