NFC Tag Writer In Nokia Phones

28. October 2011 at 14:51

Nokia showcased an NFC Tag writer at their Future Lounge during the Nokia World in London. Basically it’s a new innovation that relates to your Nokia phones with NFC, example is your Nokia 603 that runs on Symbian Belle. What it do is that it write-rewrite the data on the NFC Tag. Most NFC Tag, currently, are pre-programmed by the supplier or maker of the NFC Tags so you won’t be able to flex or used it in other forms once you pre-programmed. But with the NFC Tag Writer application in your Nokia, you will be able to edit or define your own data on the NFC Tag. These datum is in the wide range from URL links to business cards and many much more. Just note that this tech is currently on the testing phase so once it is out we will notify you esp. those who are Nokia NFC users here. 😀