Nokia N9 and MeeGo Apps Site Launched, Checkout and Download Hot and Top Apps

30. October 2011 at 14:15

There is a new site called which serves as a hub for all Nokia N9 applications. The site features three categorized to choose from. You have the Hot, Top, and Fresh sections so that you could easily browse apps for your N9 depending on your preferences. There are paid and free apps listed in the site plus each app has a lists of features and as well as demo and screenshots. Unlike on the Nokia Store, you can check or see paid/premium apps here that are not available in your region. But of course you need other resources to download these paid apps.

If you have Nokia N9 check the site:

Meanwhile, there is also a dedicated site for MeeGo devices (N9 and N950) that you can visit and easily check for the latest apps for your said devices. The is a software catalog one. Go check out the free and new apps in this site too.

Check for complete listings of the new apps for your N950 and N9.