Jaakko Kaidesoja about N-Gage on the N97

3. December 2008 at 17:40

After Nokia launched the 5800 Xpress Music and than the new Nokia N97 I was asking myself what happens with N-Gage now. Indeed, the N97 with its huge and stunning screen would be a great device for gaming. As these devices have just a hand full of keys and not all of them are suitable for gaming I was wondering how games like FIFA09 or The One will work on these touchscreen devices. Will we use some of the keys, use our fingers, will it be able to control the games by moving the device with help of the Accelerometer or won’t we see any N-Gage games on the new devices? Well, you’ll find the answer of all these question in the following video. Jaakko Kaidesoja, VP from Nokia Games, talks about gaming on the N97 and the future.