Update your Nokia N9 to v20 MeeGo Harmattan PR1.1 via Nokia Software Updater

11. November 2011 at 09:53

If you’re a Nokia N9 user and have not yet updated your device to version 20.2011.40.4 because of the unavailability of the update in your region then there is another resort to get that update. If you can’t wait for the roll out to hit your region, you can try the Nokia Software Updater in PC. Just plug or connect your Nokia N9 to the PC and open the program. The difference compare to the OTA update to this one is that you will need to download a much bigger software update with 1.1GB. Over the Air or OTA only takes 200MB+ so you might need to spend few more hours on updating it over NSU.

Lists of highlighted new features that you will receive through this update are:

  • NFC Tag Reading
  • Music control on lock screen
  • Photo and video shooting with colour filters
  • More power multitasking
  • Swype for faster typing
  • Faster MfE, syncing only the active folders
  • Noise cancellation
  • Swipe down gesture is default to close all apps
  • New notifications for standby screen and many more improvements

Thanks to @jhaggett for the tip.

UPDATE: Don’t update using Nokia NSU if haven’t back-up yet. I lost all my apps that I got from Nokia Store after update.