Best Transport tracking apps for smartphones

24. May 2012 at 11:45

As smartphones are the most popular and dominant handsets of modern
times, different apps are being developed almost every day. You can
get one for pretty much everything nowadays and transport tracking
Apps are a useful to your Smartphone. With them, finding a location
and checking the next bus, train, tube or even flight has never been
easier. Here are some examples of a few you could be missing out on:

The locations app is brilliant and free, it’s basically Google maps on
a phone, allowing you to check the next estimated bus arrival in
whichever area, not to mention it works as an interactive map.

For example, if you’ve just gotten off a train in London, have an
address but completely at loss of how to get there type the post code
in the search for address bar and a two pins will drop. One showing
where you are and another showing the destination. As you walk your
pin will move too so figuring out exactly where to go is simple
helping you to avoid any wrong street turns. The same goes for trying
to figure out a location whilst driving, just like a Tom-Tom. You can
however get an actual Tom-Tom App on your Smartphone, and other navigation applications too.

The London Underground app is also great, some key features include, a
full offline map and routing and it still works underground requiring
no Internet connection. Live service status such as planned
disruptions is available, although Internet would be required for
this. Checking tube time arrivals and departures, another super feature; it’s much easier way to plan a day.
The London Underground can be complicated especially for a first time
visitor and this application could be the perfect solution to teach
you how the underground system works. It costs a mere £1.49 and is
definitely a bargain worth grabbing. In comparison, there is the
National Rail Enquiries app, and with this you can view a real-time
departure and arrivals broad for any station, plan journeys, receive
wake-up-alerts to avoid missing trains, receive disruption alerts as
they happen and much more. Not so bad for a free app!

Plane Finder is an app allowing you to track live moving planes by
searching their flight number or aircraft registration number. It’s
very useful if you’re planning on meeting someone at the airport.
There are extra cool quirks like sharing your sights with friends and
family via Facebook and Twitter. You’re able to check flight
information with a flight number, route, altitude, speed, plane type, airline or registration number.

There is a Ship Finder App that has the same features and works the
way Plane Finder does, but of course it’s for ships. Both these cost
£2.99, another great deal to get your hands on.

Technology has never been so advanced; looking through an applications
store on your handset there is plenty more to choose from. Check out
different mobile phone deals if you
haven’t already got a Smartphone and love the sound of these apps.