Time for a Switch: self-confident or just Nokia’s last chance?

9. October 2012 at 15:41

Nokia is has started to promote their two new Lumia smartphones which will hit the market depending on the region next month. This time Nokia does however t quite aggressive and self-confident – although the recent market share still does not look any better. The smartphone market share has dropped 17% in Germany. Last year they held 31%. In the US this share even dropped from 5.2% to 3.5%. Facing this situation Nokia needs to launch two Windows Phone 8 devices as good as possible and cannot make a single mistake as this may be Nokia’s last chance to come back on the big stage. And so Nokia is giving the user reasons why they should switch from their iPhone and Android devices to the new Windows Phone 8 devices. Reasons are for example free and worldwide Navigation as well as the unique and colorful design. What do you think? Is Nokia just self-confident as they know their strength or are they just using they very last chance?