N-Gage: Best Game Of 2008 – Your Votes Please!

5. January 2009 at 23:33

Ok, since im new here to SymbianWorld I’m going to start off with a nice and easy post and put the hardwork into the readers eyes. As you all know 2008 has ended and in my opinion it was a pritty decent year, espically for me and Norman, but mainly because of all the cool N-Gage games that have been released and not to mention the sweet devices to play them on.

Well anyway, since the year has ended and its now 2009 – its now time for you to vote on what you think is the BEST N-Gage game that was released in 2008, I won’t list all the titles, as some are not exactly worth mentioning to be honest, but I will list the most of them.  The poll will be open for awhile so there is plenty of time to vote, however voting does end on 31st January. The game with the most votes will be declared (by our readers) The N-Gage Game of 2008, So Get Voting!