Fancy A Round? Free N-Gage Game Inside Xbox 360 Mag! (UK Only)

12. January 2009 at 20:14

Does any UK N-Gagers out there fancy a round or better yet a free N-Gage game? Well in this months (January’s Issue / Issue 42) of the Official Xbox 360 Magazine you can claim a free N-Gage game, worth up to £8.

The Official Xbox 360 Magazine (Issue 42) itself costs £5.99 and comes with a 360 Demo Disc (to be used in a PAL Xbox 360 Consoles) and an N-Gage disc which holds 7 N-Gage Games and the N-Gage Application for use on your N95 or N95 8GB.

The Disc that comes with the Magazine is entirely made for the N95 models, however the activation code will work on any phone, but the activation code can only be used ONCE on ONE Game, so choose wisely.

N-Gage CD

You can only choose from a selection of 7 different games and as always you can try a game before activating it. The games you can choose from are:

* Asphalt 3: Street Rules
* Creatures Of The Deep
* Dirk Dagger & The Fallen Idol
* Pro Series Golf
* Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
* Tetris

Most of the games here cost £8 to buy on the N-Gage Application, so your saving £2.01 and getting a magazine to read, so even if you dont have an xbox 360 console its still worth the money. This is the second time N-Gage (Nokia) and Xbox 360 (Microsoft) have teamed up to do an offer with N-Gage games, as last time on the day the Xbox Live Servers went down (for maintence) the Nokia Flagship stores in the USA gave out Star Wars Force Unleashed for FREE!

N95, 360 Pad & NGage Disc

The Magazine is NOW AVAILABLE to buy in most shops, supermarkets and newsagents, however the next issue is due out soon, so if you want a magazine and a free N-Gage game you better buy the magazine while its still in stock! Happy Gaming!