Worms World Party On N-Gage Confirmed for 2009 Release!

12. January 2009 at 23:54

Last Year, Team Arena (The N-Gage Arena Mods & Admins) announced that the online N-Gage favourite “Worms World Party” had been delayed “indefinately” – meaning no one knew for sure whether or not it had been delayed or cancelled, and everyone feared the worst, as when this usually happens it means the game will be cancelled.

Well not this time, in a recent post by ikona on the N-Gage blog, he mentions that Worms World Party is back on the development track and will be ready for release in 2009.

“All About N-Gage’s survey of most anticipated N-Gage games, even though the game was no longer in production. As it turns out, that is no longer the case — we are pleased to announced Worms World Party for N-Gage is very much back in the lineup and we’re looking forward to its release in 2009.”

So Worms is now “incoming” on the N-Gage Platform, what a great year 2009 is turning out to be! Check out more N-Gage information on the official N-Gage Blog.