Asphalt 4: Elite Racing – Now Available On N-Gage Platform

20. January 2009 at 23:21

Early in the month the official gamepage for “Asphalt 4” went up on the N-Gage website, however no-one expected it to be released so soon, espically when “Cafe Sudoku” and “Yamake” had been up in the showroom longer, either way its a nice surprise addition to the N-Gage Platform.

The game itself features 28 real-life luxury cars and bikes to choose from (three times more than any other racing game on a mobile title) including the Ferrari F430 Spider and Bugatti Veyron. Players can also tune their cars, much like in Asphalt 3, however their is supposed to be alot more to choose from.

New Features include improved handling, including a new drift engine for sharper corner control and a brand new multiplayer mode thats only available in the N-Gage Version, however the multiplayer mode that is available is offline bluetooth, so you will need to find another N-Gage user if you want to race with someone.

Asphalt 4: Elite racing is now available to buy (£8 for full license) via the N-Gage Application on your phone, however the web showroom will be updated within the next few days. Happy Racing!