N-Gage: Portable Or Home Entertainment

23. January 2009 at 17:24

Ever since i got my N96 2 weeks ago i have been putting my games back onto the deivce and re-activating them (with a little help from N-Gage Arena Moderators) – but while i was waiting for them to work they’re magic in the background i decided to play around with the TV-OUT Option on the N96 itself.

I know the previous model, the N95 and the N95 8GB had TV OUT Options, however the N96 TV OUT Option seems to function alot better, espically with the widescreen option, as it seems to fill out the entire screen without giving you as much pixel distortion, espically on N-Gage Games.

Now this is where N-Gage can evolve, at the moment most of us think N-Gage Gaming as portable and on the move, which is in fact true, however if you wanted to experience a more “home entertainment” style of gaming you can easily connect your N96 (N95 or N85) to your TV and play games like you would on an Xbox, except with different graphics and buttons.

For example over the past few days i have been playing Pro Series Golf online while my N96 has been connected to the TV – for some strange reason it makes it feel like a “home based console” rather than an application on a phone, heck i didnt even have to look at buttons – the phone turned into a wired controller and TV became my screen – i guess im just a junkie for big screens.

The only downfall with doing this is that some games will loose their graphical status, for example Pro Series Golf and even Creatures Of The Deep looks nice on the phone, but when hooked up to a 26″ Inch LCD TV it looks abit distorted and horrible, where as other games such as Resident Evil: Degeneration and Metal Gear Solid Mobile they look extremely similar to their PS1 Counterparts. Other Games such as Mile High Pinball, Space Impact and Brain Challenge, or any other game in portrait mode, are not displayed in full widescreen but have a small rectangle box for a picture in the middle of the TV Screen.

Even though the picture quality (on some games) may be distorted – the sound for the game will improve, even if your TV hasnt got very good speakers you can easily plug the LEFT and RIGHT Audio leads into a Home Cinema Kit or Speaker system – you wont get 5.1 Surround sound like on PS3 and Xbox 360 games – but the sound quality will be improved – but then again the N96 itself has very good speakers.

The Whole point of this post is that Phones with TV OUT and that are used for N-Gage gaming can become more enjoyable and feel more like a “dedicated gaming device” rather than just a phone game via a TV. I Suggest if you have the option to try it out – espically online or on games like Resident Evil., as small things (like switches) tend to stick out more on a bigger screen.