N-Gage: Game Of The Year – The Result!

1. February 2009 at 14:24

Last month i started my own “N-Gage Game Of The Year” poll where the readers of this blog and players of the N-Gage community would vote for their favourite N-Gage game. Well now the poll has closed and the results are in.

The N-Gage Game that you guys voted for as 2008’s Game Of The Year is “Reset Generation” – which isn’t exactly a surprise as the game is additice and alot of fun.  The Top 3 Games are listed below:

1st – Reset Generation               (20% / 19 Votes)
2nd – Resident Evil                    (14%/ 14 votes)
3rd – Asphalt 3: Street Rules      (12% / 12 Votes)

A Total of 97 people voted and the result here is exactly the same as what was awarded at the official N-Gage Arena player awards, Reset Generation was awarded N-Gage’s Best Game Of 2008 aswell on official N-Gage Website – So as you can see it just shows its the best game available to play, espically online!