Nokia 5800: My top 5 freeware applications

12. February 2009 at 16:46

DSCF9202 by you.
The Nokia 5800 is on the market quite a while. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a lot new killer applications so far. However, due to the backwards compatibility some older apps still work on the Nokia 5800 which is based on S60 5th Edition. Today I want to share with you some nice, useful and free Nokia 5800 apps for the 5800:

To download these free 5800 apps click on the application’s name or on the screenshot

Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker 5800

SportsTracker is a GPS-based activity tracker that stores information such as speed, distace and time in your diary. More over, with this free 5800 app you can share your workouts with your buddies on Sports Tracker’s site or view your workout on Google Earth.

Google Maps

Nokia Maps 5800 Freeware

Google Maps is already on the desktop a useful application but on the Nokia 5800 it is just a superb free app.
Especially the Street view function which allows you to go through the
streets of Barcelona, New York and other cities is awesome. Besides this cool
gimmick you can use all the other functions like search, route calculation, Google Lattitude and the different kind of map modes for free.

Mobile Paint

mobile paint

Mobile Paint is a application for the 5800 that actually allows you to use the screen as a canvas and draw on it. You can choose between different colours, pens and templates. Of course you can save your picture easily.

JoikuSpot Light

S60 5th Edition Freeware Downloads for Nokia 5800 & N97

JoikuSpot is a mobile software solution that turns your 5800 instantly to WLAN (Wi-Fi) HotSpot. With JoikuSpot, connect your laptops, iPods, EeePCs and internet tablets to internet easily and securely using your mobile phone’s internet connection. You will carry internet in your pocket, and will always have a secured personal WLAN (Wi-Fi) HotSpot on-the-go! Multiple devices can connect in parallel and seamlessly share the same 3G internet connection.


Wordmobi: WordPress Client for S60

If you own a blog which runs on WordPress this application allows you to easily manage your blog straight from your 5800. Whether editing your blog entries, comments or create a new blog post you can do it all. However, it’s obvious managing the blog from your desktop PC is much easier.