Audiotest: N91 8Gb vs. 5700

9. July 2007 at 18:09

Nokia has a new music phone, the Nokia 5700 Xpress Music. It has you special musickeys and you can boost it up to 4GB and maybe more. Now I and Connect tested it, to look if it is really a music phone. In our earlier two test the N91 always won.Who has the best audioquality? The 5700 or the N91?

So let the battle begin:


There are only minimal waves in the bass and tonic-area which provide for a beefy play back.


Up to the early waste in the bass, is the sound really linear.

Both phones are great musicphones, have a good user interface and have a lot space for music. Like in the two other test the N91 wins this time again. The sound quality is a little bit better but the quality of the 5700 is good, too. No matter which phone you chose, you have a good S60 musicphone.