How to subscribe to specific podcasts without typing in their URLs (answer to AAS)

8. February 2009 at 00:50

07/02/2009 by you.

Over on All About Symbian Steve Litchfield wrote an excellent post how to subscribe to specific podcast without typing in their URLs. I think most of you know the problem when you try typing letter for letter and in the end you made a mistake anyway. So, Steve wrote a tutorial, which is rather for newbies, that shows how to use the copy and paste function to handle this task. This is a really simple and fast way but I know another way to do this in a cooler manner.

First ensure you have a barcode reader installed on your phone, for example on your Nokia 5800. If you cannot find the barcode-reader you can download the barcode-reader here ( use this version for the 5800). Now go to your computer, copy the URL you want to subscribe and open Nokia’s mobile codes site.

There you can create a 2-dimensional code in an instance. Just paste the URL into the web address field.

Now open the barcodereader and point your phone on the barcode.

Sports Tracker0083 by you.07/02/2009 by you.

Your barcode-reader should read the barcode and show you the link.

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Now click options and copy.

Sports Tracker0085 by you.

Once you done that open the Podcasting application, select podcasts, options, new podcast and paste the URL.

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That’s all! You’ve successfully subscribed to a podcast in just some clicks or touches.

07/02/2009 by you.