N-Gage: Space Impact – Clan Battle Mode Now Available

14. February 2009 at 22:35

After several months of waiting, and hardly any information, the new “CLAN BATTLE” mode for Space Impact Kappa Base on the N-Gage platform has arrived and better yet its FREE!

Instead of being a “Add-on” or DLC, the “Clan Battle” Addition comes pre-packed with the new version of Space Impact, so all you have to do is to download the game and install it as normal via the N-Gage App showroom or via the N-Ggage Website on your PC. If you already have the game installed, just highlight it and select “Remove Game” – then go to the showroom and re-download it – simple and effective.

The clan battle mode itself is, as what everyone hoped it would be, an online mode – so you and 3 other friends can all help fight the and defeat the online levels and your best scores will be tracked online, new members can be invited and you can track rival clans at the simple touch of a button. Not to mention that you can also play as 2 additional characters in the story mode (a girl and an old guy – forgot their names) just to relive the old experience.

If you havent already got Space Impact Kappa Base – then id suggest you get the game now (full game) mainly for two reasons, as the game has been reduced to 4 GBP, When it was originally 6 GBP and the game can bring hours of entertainment offline aswell as online!