Nokia & Fishlabs sign N-Gage Agreement – With 5 Games Confirmed For Release Within The Year

19. February 2009 at 20:23

Mobile Phone games developer ( for Java / Sis games) Fishlabs has recently signed a deal with Nokia to release games for the N-Gage Platform.

With this agreement 5 new games, from the developer “Fishlabs” have been confirmed for a 2009 and 2010 Release, and these games are just a few from their recent back catalogue.

Fishlabs is a well respected gaming developer (in the mobile community) so we should see some interesting things from them in the futre.

The following games that have been confirmed with this agreement , and the year of expected release are as follows.

Games for 2009 Release:

* Powerboat Challenge
* Rally Master Pro
* Snowboard Hero

Games For Early 2010 Release:

* Galaxy on Fire
* Blades & Magic

The images of the games is taken from the “Java/ Sis” versions of the games and Fishlabs have confirmed that the N-Gage versions will have improved graphics, gameplay and exra features, which was stated in the recent press release by nokia – “All titles will be significantly improved in terms of graphics and sound quality and will be enhanced with additional features. With the powerful multimedia capabilities of N-Gage compatible mobile phones, FISHLABS can now offer an even better gaming experience.”

To view the full “press release” you can read it here, on Nokia’s official website.