N-Gage: Metal Gear Solid Mobile Review

22. February 2009 at 17:01

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The first thing that comes to my mind is “How to write a review for a Metal Gear Solid (MGS) Game”, do you go by explaining the back-history of Snakes missions, or talk about the game itself? Well either way ill try to do the best i can. Metal Gear Solid Mobile (MGSM / MGS for Short) was released late last year on the N-Gage Platform – but i only got around to playing the game and finishing it a week ago, hence why the review (and most of the others) are so late, but trust me this game is worth it!

The plot of Metal Gear Solid Mobile is that you (Snake) an Otacon (The Tech-Guy from previous MGS games who communicates to you via Codec) have been set into a underground base to investigate a new type of metal gear that is being developed, and to find out whether or not its true and if it is put a stop to it. So you first priority is to hook up with Dr.Reed, the person who provided you with the information regarding the new metal gear prototype. The game itself is supposed to take place after Metal Gear Solid 1 and before Metal Gear Solid 2, but in my personal opinion i think it takes place between the Tanker part and the oil rig part of Metal Gear Solid 2, as at the end of this “MGSM” game a character from the oil rig section of Metal Gear Solid 2 is mentioned – but it fits in both ways, as we do not know what happened in that time peroid anyway – well not until now at least.

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As you may have noticed from the pictures or even the trial, the graphics are very similar, if not the same, as the PS1 (or PSOne) version of Metal Gear Solid – even when hooked up to a TV the clairty of the graphics remain the same, plus Snake is wearing the MGS1 Styled sneaking suit, rather than the MGS2 styled one (another hint that its after MGS1).

However the gameplay element of the game has traits to both MGS1 and MGS2 – all the rules from the original MGS apply, such as crawling, leaning up against walls, knocking on walls, fighting, strangling etc, most of which are used by pushing up against a wall or taping the A or B Buttons – however now you can also go into First Person Mode (by pressin B) and fire weapons just like in FPS (by pressing A to fire), just like in MGS2 – plus with thanks to the cameleon camo (from MGS4 on PS3) you can change your suits colour to blend in with your surroundings, this is can be done either by taking picture of a wall or a soldiers uniform in the game or by using the real camera on your phone – you can take a picture of something in real life and the same colour will be matched on snakes suit – this i found to be a really unique feature.

MGS Mobile

To top the game all off and to make it definately feel like a true Metal Gear Solid title the game features alot of codec dialogue (Codec is the main form of communication used by Snake and Otacon, as well as other characters in the game), not to mention a fair few amount of small cut-scenes – these little additional features make the game a true Metal Gear Solid game and considering the graphics and gameplay its definately an a HIGH achievement for N-Gage and Konami.

Also if you do not want to jump straight into the main story, the game also features a small training section – basically 12 levels or so teaching you the basics of the MGS Universe from sneaking to combat to weapons training – everything you need, its the same style VR Training (Virtual Reality Training) used on the other MGS Games, so you really are getting a complete package with this one.

MGS Mobile

So to sum up, the story is great, a true MGS Experience, the graphics are superb – espically for a game thats around 15MB once installed, the controls are easy and the game is simple enough to play, if you ever get stuck call otacon and he will guide you.

The only downfall with this game, and many others on the N-Gage platform, is that the game is short, i completed MGS within 2 hours, and there is even an achievement (N-Gage Points) to complete the game within 45 Minutes – this isnt exactly a bad thing, as you do have to play the game a few times in order to get all the achievements and there is always something you missed the first time, plus this way you can enjoy a MGS Game more than once as most MGS Games take ages to complete.

Metal Gear Solid Mobile is a great addition to the N-Gage platform and its a game i highly recomend to anyone who has the N-Gage application installed on their phone. Metal Gear Solid Mobile is currently out now and costs 8 GBP for a full license. i give this game a “Symbian World GOLD Award”

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