Nokia N85 Unboxing

1. March 2009 at 12:17

I just received the Nokia N85 and as usually the first thing we do here on Symbian World, is to make an unboxing video and pictures. The video below is also available in HD, to watch it click here.

The Nokia N85 seems to be a mixture out of the N95 and the N81. Its box mainly advertises the N-Gage gaming abilities of the device. It comes with a few pre-installed trials of N-Gage games which you can play. You can activate the game you like most for free with a code that comes with the device, so that you have a full-version and not just a demo of it.

I have also captured some nice images of the N85s box and its contents:

(click to enlarge)

Watch this space for upcoming articles, comparisons and a full review of the Nokia N85!