Update: 4 most important things for the holidays

21. July 2007 at 15:26

Summer time is vacationtime. So, many people fly or drive in holidays. One thing we mobilefreaks never leave at home is our lovely smartphone. However, what do you need besides the mobile? Usefully gadgets! So, here are the 4 most usefull gadgets for vacation.

1. Car-charger:

You all know that the battery-life of the N95 or other Nseries devices isn’t really long, so that the battery won’t survive a long journey. In addition you want navigate with the mobile, listen to music or play games. All this empties the battery fast out. Therefor an car-charger is indispensable.

2. Big microSD card:

The 5 megapixel camera of the N95 takes big photos and videos, which bring the memory card to the limit really fast. Besides you want to hear your favorite music at the beach or in the car. Therefore you need a big, at least 1GB, memory card.

3. SU-8W Bluetoothkeyboard

Mobilefreaks or blogger have to write their reports and emails also in the vacation. To write a email or post with 4000 indication is really time-consuming and hard. Faster and more simply it works with the Bluetoothkeyboard SU-8W. So, if you write a lot, you have to pack this in your suit-case.

4. Spare battery

Like I said at point 1, the battery-live of the BL-5F isn’t really long. If you have a long journey and have’nt a car-charger you need a spare-battery.