Vlingo needs you for testing their service

2. March 2009 at 11:49

Vlingo, the world’s most popular voice application for Blackberry and iPhone, finally comes to Nokia devices. Get it for FREE! Vlingo is testing its voice application for users in the UK and Germany who have select Nokia phones. With Vlingo, you can speak to your phone to send a text message or email, call a friend, search the Web and open native applications.

Beta participants will get Vlingo for free when it’s generally available for their Nokia phones!

To participate in this exclusive free beta test, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have a Nokia N95, N96, N81, E51 or E71 phone with a data plan
  • Speak with a British accent or be a native German speaker
  • Willing to fill out a 5 minute web based survey telling us what you think of the software

Learn more about Vlingo here and be the first to try it!

Here are the current features that Vlingo provides:

Send and reply to text messages and emails
Search the Web
Dial the phone
Send a “note to self”
Open native applications such as your calendar and camera
To participate, please select the appropriate country to sign up to be a part of the beta. The beta will begin on March 9.


To participate in the UK beta, click here


To participate in the German beta, click here: