Nokia N85 image-gallery

8. March 2009 at 12:00

The Nokia N85 is very similar to the N81and the N95 – it has the design and gaming-features of the N81 and the dualslider as well as the multimedia-features of the N95. It also has the glossy, black housing known from many Nseries-devices (e.g. N81 (8GB), N96, N78). Nowadays almost every Nseries device looks like this and so the N85 is not a very special device in my opinion. I think Nokia should think about changing their design – the black finger-print-magnets become very boring and if every device looks the same it’s also very boring. Actually I can’t say that the N85 is an ugly device, but it just looks like every other Nseries-handset. However, I’ve made a huge image-gallery showing the device from every angle. Lean back and enjoy!

(click to enlarge)

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