CeBIT 2009: Nokia, Samsung, LG, Blackberry, Android and more

10. March 2009 at 16:46

DSCF9478 by you.

Last Saturday I’ve been at the CeBIT, the world largest IT exhibition. However, again, this year less exhibitors showed their products and again less mobile related products were shown too. Anyway, hall 26, which was full of mobile phones three years ago, had some ‘interesting’ stuff.

So, on the biggest stand, the Telekom-stand, I’ve found some S60 devices. Using the N96 Softwareload showed their download service which isn’t anything special indeed.DSCF9410 by you.

A couple of N79 were shown too.

DSCF9412 by you.

Fortunately, T-Mobile showed one of the devices launched in Barcelona. No, not the N86 but the E75. It was a little bit hidden at the booth and according to T-Mobile it will be in stores around summer.


DSCF9421 by you.

Nokia had a little stand as well. They showed the N85 (with Zeemote), N96, E71, some 5800, N-Gage and the Nokia Music store.


The N97 as well as the E75 were behind glass and there was no chance to play with them. I actually don’t understand why they did this.

Just next to the Nokia stand there was the Samsung stand where they just showed their latest products. The Omnia HD was behind glass as well but I had the opportunity to play with it a few minutes. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to turn it on.


LG, had a stand too but this one was actually the smallest and no S60 devices was shown.

DSCF9428 by you.

DSCF9414 by you.

No doubt, BlackBerry had the biggest stand of the mobile phone manufacturers. They showed all latest devices, new services as well as the service.


Android devices were on the Telekom stand and on the HTC booth. Of course there were just two Android powered devices, the G1 and the Magic.

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That was pretty much all in terms of mobile devices. The CeBIT isn’t the event it was ages ago. The manufacturers don’t care about the CeBIT and rather show their products at the MWC.