N-Gage: Prince Of Persia Now Available!

11. March 2009 at 00:13

Its the game most N-Gage gamers (that are not regulars) have been waiting for and its now finally available on the N-Gage Platform, yes “Prince Of Persia” has arrived on the N-Gage Platform

The Java & Symbian versions, let alone the Xbox 360 and PS3 Versions, of the game were already released a few months back – now the N-Gage Version is here, but the same old question applies yet again, is the game any good?

Well to start off the game costs 8 GBP for a full license or 1.50 GBP for a day trial, so its one of the more “expensive” N-Gage games, also the game is 24mb to download but 33mb worth of storage is used up on your device when it has been fully installed – which is a alot more than the previous action games such as Resident Evil Degeneration and Metal Gear Solid Mobile.

So far everything sounds great – alot more storage is required, so the graphics should be better than Resident Evil or Metal Gear Solid and the game should be longer, well its not. The graphics are worse than those two titles, the gameplay is standard Prince of Persia (run up walls, jump and attack enemies – simple Platform gaming) and the controls are buggy – for example instead of jumping upwards, then moving forwards, your character just jumps in a diagonal line – which is kind of annoying when trying to get to certain areas in the game (like at the very start).

So to sum up Prince Of Persia could be worth the 8 GBP if your willing to play the game, as the N-Gage Points seem easy enough to achieve – however people have been saying on the N-Gage forums that the Java / Symbian version of the game seems to run alot smoother than this new 3D Version – Maybe a 2D Prince Of Persia, in Anime style would have been better than a very pixelated 3D Version, Who knows? – however for the POP (Prince Of Persia) fans and achievement whores then this game is definate buy, for the others Try it before you buy!

Prince Of Persia is out now on the N-Gage Application or you can download it on your PC from here. Happy Gaming!