N-Gage: Need For Speed Undercover now available

18. March 2009 at 00:41

One of the most popular racing game is available for N-Gage now. Need For Speed Undercover is available through the N-Gage application showroom and soon via the Website. The game is similar to Asphalt Racing and costs 9.99€. As always an trial version is available. In my opinion this game is pretty cool but doesn’t offer any special graphics or highlights.

A Fair few people, just like the fans of Prince Of Persia, have been waiting for this game, so for them the wait is over and hopefully they will be enjoying the game, ive heard a few good things about the game from other people around the forums aswell.

The game itself (download and installation wise) is around 3mb to download and 3mb to install, so im guessing EA are starting to use the SDK (Software Development Kit) that Konami and Capcom used on Resident Evil Degeneration & Metal Gear Solid Mobile, as they were great games in such a small space, and just like thoose two games Need For Speed Undercover costs 8 GBP, which is one of the more expensive titles available on the N-Gage Platform, which is to be expected since it is a 3rd party title.

The undisputed king of street racing comes crashing onto the N-Gage for the first time, slamming gamers into the driving seat for a turbo-charged shot of auto adrenaline.

Occupying its own unique slice of the compelling series storyline, Need For Speed™: Undercover for N-Gage challenges players to infiltrate the secretive street scene, before earning the right to battle the best for the ultimate racing reward: respect.

The latest offering in EA’s award-winning franchise locks drivers in a frenetic duel with the law as they rip through the city in eight iconic rides, including the Porsche 911 Turbo and the Nissan GT-R. The streets become a racer’s playground as players blaze a trail through four distinct urban environments in classic Circuit, Sprint, Speed Camera, Highway Battle and Bounty events.

A combustible mixture of seat-gripping game play and Hollywood-style direction makes for unrelenting action on the road as Need For Speed™ Undercover invites you to feel the thrill of the chase.

Source: N-Gage Blog