Nokia 5800 NAM gets v20.2.014 Major Update

18. March 2009 at 10:05

The North American version of the Nokia 5800 just received a new Firmware. Version 20.2.014 is available through the NSU. Changes aren’t know yet but allegedly v20.2.014 brings the same improvements as v20.0.012 brought to the European versions a month ago.

Changes noticed so far:

  • geo-tagging now available
  • secondary camera now available
  • Dictionary, Search and App. update have been added
  • new icons for Podcast, Download!, Music and Switch
  • Telephone’s keypad has a new design
  • ‘Search’ searches for Internet content as well as for your content on your phone
  • touch screen is improved
  • bug fixex
  • general operation seems smoother, screen rotations faster
  • playing back videos had less hiccups, especially on YouTube, where Web on the 5800 now becomes almost as good as a dedicated YouTube client

Source: TheSymbianBlog