N73 and N93 Officially Get Dropped From Supported N-Gage Devices List

21. March 2009 at 02:02

After over a year of debating, discussion and waiting Nokia, well more accurately the N-Gage Arena Administrator Redrum, has announced that the N-Gage platform will drop support for the highly popular N93 and N73.

The N93 and N73 were the first two main devices to announced as official N-Gage Devices and N93 was the most “tech-guy” phone around and seemed perfect with its moveable screen for gaming and was also often shown in videos. The N73 was a phone for basic people who liked the game so both phones were perfect for N-Gage, and over the year of discussion both grew a huge fanbase and userbase – mainly because of the low prices and high specifications.

Well now that TA (Team Arena) has confirmed that the N-Gage will not support the N73 and N93 this means the users who have these devices, and are currently waiting for N-Gage to become available, will now have to upgrade to a newer more advanced handset.

However if this was announced a year ago this would have been even worse news then than it is now, mostly because the other devices, such as the N95 and the N81 were still heavily priced and were harder to get hold of in certain countries but now there is a variety of different devices to choose from including newer Xpressmusic edition phones.

This also means that people caught playing N-Gage games on N73’s and N93’s will most likely get banned from the N-Gage Arena as this would mean they have a modded application (or device) which of course is illegal.

Anyway if you want to check out the full statement from Redrum you can read it here.