N-Gage: Location Based Games Heading For N-Gage

21. March 2009 at 02:03

Mobile gaming website pocketgamer.biz has posted up that “location based” N-Gage Games will be heading to the N-Gage platform shortly and that early demos will be shown at the upcoming GDC Event in San Francisco.

“We’re working on two pre-productions in location-based games at the moment, looking at playing with maps,” Nokia’s Mark Ollila tells PocketGamer.biz.

“The question is the scale of it. Is the fact that the player is in London all you need to know, or do they actually need to be running around the streets and interacting with people? We’re certainly exploring that on the games publishing side.”

To me this all sounds rather interesting and i can’t wait to see the results when its shown in GDC in less than a week. You Can read the full interview here.