Nokia Photo Browser: 3D Photo Browser for the 5800 Xpress Music

31. March 2009 at 13:08

31/03/2009 by you.

The folks over at the Nokia Beta Labs have released a new application called Nokia Photo Browser. It is another photo browser which offers you cool looking 3D effects while browsing your photographs.Yet it is just a ‘experimental’ project but I look forward seeing this kind of browser in next S60 devices. Of course Nokia Photo Browser is freeware and currently available for the 5800 XpressMusic and the N97 only. However, a version for S60 3rd Edition device is coming soon.

 Nokia 5800: Sports Tracker


  • Strokes, drags, and taps should work as you’d expect
  • In the single image view:
    • Long press to start the magnifier
    • Double-tap will start the regular zoom
    • Double-tap on a face will start the face browsing
    • In the face browsing mode, a stroke will travel between faces

31/03/2009 by you.