Nokia 5800 vs. Google G1: Keyboard, Size and Browser

10. April 2009 at 08:50

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In the first comparison we’re looking at the keyboard, the browser and the size of the G1 and the 5800 Xpress Music. Both are running different operation system. While the 5800 is running on S60 5th Edition the G1 features the brand new Andoid OS.


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Looking at both devices you see, that the G1 is bigger in all direction, being in width, length and height. So the G1 measures 117 x 55.7 x 17.1 mm while the 5800 has the more or less compact size of 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm. Holding the G1 in the hand it feels really big and not that handy as the 5800, although the 5800 isn’t as thin as other touch-screen devices. Nevertheless the 5800 is really handy and the G1 a real brick.

Winner: 5800



A important issue when having a touch-screen is the keyboard. Some touch-screen devices just offering a virtual keyboard, like the 5800, others just a qwerty-keyboard, like the G1. However, which one is better? The 5800 however, is offering four input methods – the standard numeric keypad, a full-screen qwerty-keyboard, a mini full-screen qwerty-keyboard and handwriting recognition. Te fastest and best way to write text messages is the numeric keypad as well as the full-screen qwerty. Using the numeric keypad and T9 you can write in landscape and portrait mode with your finger pretty fast.

04/04/2009 by you.

The qwerty keyboard requires some exercise, two hands and I prefer using it with the stylus, however, you can use your fingers as well. The keys are quite big and if you wish you get a haptic feedback everytime you press a letter, so you have the feeling you’re pressing a physical key.

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The G1 has no virtual keyboard so you need to slide it open everytime you want to write a text, being a email, a URL or a web search.This is pretty annoying as you need to use both hands. Its keys are quite small and the first days of usage you need some time go get used to it. Nevertheless the qwerty keyboard is decent with 5 rows and will find some friends for sure. Nevertheless I prefer the 5800 with its two brilliant input methods.

Winner: 5800


The internet browser is becoming more important everyday. Of course, both devices have an full html browser. However, both have some advantages and some disadvantages. Before connecting to the web, the 5800 asks whether to use the cellular network or to use a WiFi hotpot. Unfortunately, the G1 doesn’t ask for that  and the average user won’t know how he got into the world wide web until he gets his phonebill. Than, after selecting a webpage you want to open the G1 loads the website ways faster than the 5800. As the G1 but not the 5800 support kinetic scrolling browser a webpage is more fun and faster with the T-Mobile G1. More over 5800’s wastes a lot of room on the display for useless information or controls. So you need to activate the full-screen-mode to have a decent view. But, if you want to use any of the options than you need to go back everytime and activate the full-screen-mode again. Colours of the webpage are displayed much better by the G1 than by the 5800. However, 5800’s browser is offering some fabulous features as well. So you can watch Flash videos such as YouTube directly in the browser or subscribe to RSS-Feeds within some seconds. All this things aren’t supported by the G1. For zooming the G1 is offering two transparent icons whereby you can double click on 5800’s screen or use an adjust-bar to zoom in and out. All in all I’d choose the G1 when it comes to browsing the web.

Winner: G1