N-Gage: Worms World Party Has Finally Arrived!

7. April 2009 at 19:20

wwp.jpg picture by Emo185

The highly anticipated “Worms World Party” has finally arrived onto the N-Gage platform and it has come with a BANG!, and i say this as right now on the N-Gage Forums, people are goin crazy with online matches and for once having an extremely good time online with very little trouble!

Worms World Party is in a sense exactly similar to the original n-gage version with worms except with updated visuals, better controls, different levels and a variety of new weapons, over 30 weapons if i remember correctly, so thats alot of different ways to destory (or whack) your opponents worms out of the game!

The game itself is 4mb to download, but requires 8mb worth of storage on your phone – so yet again another small sized download but contains alot of fun (espically online). Worms World Party, most commonly known as WWP Costs 8 GBP to buy and believe me its worth every penny!

Worms World Party is now available for you to download via the N-Gage Application, and will be shortly available on the N-Gage Showroom on the website.