SmartTouch: Control your PC using your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

11. April 2009 at 13:45

11/04/2009 by you.

Let me introduce you SmartTouch, a new application for S60 5th Edition which allows you to control your PC via bluetooth. All you need is a 5800 XpressMusic and bluetooth enabled computer. The software you need is absolutely freeware.

SmartTouch v 0.45 ( 5800 or N97-client)

5800 SmartTouch

Python 1.9.7

5800 SmartTouch v.0.4

SmartTouch v.0.4 (PC-client)

5800 SmartTouch

First of you need to install Phython 1.9.5 on your phone memory. Than install the Smarttouch_0.4.1.sis on your phone memory as well. Once you done that, enable Bluetooth on both your devices, run the server (SmartTouch.exe) on your computer and the SmartTouch software on your 5800. Now, on your 5800, click on ”Search device” and select your computer from the discovered devices.That’s all.



The application is really easy to use. Basically you have three options only.

  • The media-controls, which can be managed by any player on your computer. The available buttons are: “play / pause”, “next”, “prev”, “mute” and volume buttons.
  • The keys, Up, Down,Left, Right, Esc and Enter can be used to control many applications on PC including games.
  • The phone can be used as a mouse by using the touchscreen

Everything works fine bedside of the ”touchpad”. Selecting files is quite hard. Maybe it will be improved in further versions. Anyhow, I just can recommend trying this application. On my Vista Laptop and my 5800 everything worked fine. Please share your thoughts about this application.

Here a video showing how this applications works:

Developer: Igor alias KAIST