N95: Nightmode vs. flash

26. July 2007 at 07:15

You are at a party, bar or a other place with bad light-conditions and want to take some pictures with your N95 or other cameraphone. However, it’s dark and you don’t know which mode you should choose. Autotmode with flash or nightmode. Without testing this two modes before, it’s a difficult question because some pictures could be overexposed or under-exposed. However, I’ve made here some photo-samples which will answer your question.

The lighting-conditions become better and better from top to bottom.

Left site: flash              right site:nightmode            click to enlarge

How you can see, it always depends on the light conditional and on the distance to the object. If there is no light you should use the flash. However, don’t go to close to the object because you could over-exposed the object. If there is light you should use the nightmode.