Twittix 0.93 soon to be released Preview and 5 licenses here

21. April 2009 at 22:50

Twittix 0.93

Twittix 0.93 is on its way to the world of symbian smartphones and i was lucky enough to get my hands on a preview version of the app. I was even luckier by getting 5 licenses from MojosMobile to give away with it.

The main improvements in Version 0.93 are Twitpic support, Tweet/message to sms and the API Counter in my eyes.

Twitpic support: Well, not much to say about that, it gives you the possibility to directly post images to Twitpic from Twittix.

Tweet/message to sms: Very interesting feature. You can “send” the tweets directly to your message editor. So, if you grab something interesting there you want to share with your friends that are not on twitter (uh, is that possible nowadays anyway?), just sms them the tweet.

API Counter: Very nice feature again. You might already know it from tweetdeck. Twitter only allows 100 client API requests per hour, so if you update and check too often from any third party client it just might give you an error. With the API Counter you are able to check how many API requests you have left until the hourly reset.

The other improvements are minor but i still will mention them here.

Receptions in list of DM Tab added
Advanced Hotkey Functionality added: 1 = Instant Tweet 2= Account-Swtich * = FullScreen
Sound issues on some devices fixed!

So you can see, Twittix is under heavy construction and every release brings some new features requested by many users. I´m totally sure that when it reaches version 1.0, Twittix will be the most feature rich s60 client for Symbian devices. It works on v3 as well as on v5 devices. A 14 day trial is available at MojosMobile.

And here is your chance to win a free license code. Just mention in comments what you like/dislike (if you dislike it, dou you still want a license?) and what needs further improvement. The winner will be picked randomly when version 0.93 is released, which should be in less than 48 hours.

Edit: What i forgot, please leave a valid email address in comments if you want one of the licenses as we need to contact you in case of winning.

I hope you liked my first article on :-) more to come soon.