N-Gage: Cafe Hold Em Poker Now Available

21. April 2009 at 23:27

                     Hold'em Poker (java game for mobile)

Digital Chocolates, mostly refered to as DChoc’s, third N-Gage game has finally arrived onto the platform and yet again they manage to put fun back into a card game.

Cafe Hold Em Poker is the first N-Gage title by DChoc to not feature an online mode, of sorts, as the previous two titles you could host a room, and join a room, and you would be able to see other people in that room playing solitaire or sudoku, fair enough you can not interact with them – but everything you do inside that room unlocks awards and gives EXP to that room. However in Cafe Hold Em Poker nothing of the sorts is available (however i recently announced N-Gage Poker title has said to have up 6 players online).

The game itself is 2mb to download, so yet again another small game to download, but once installed it takes up 3mb of storage. The game also costs 6 GBP, which is a fair price considering its a 3rd party game and most 3rd party games cost around 8 GBP.

DChoc Cafe Hold Em Poker is now available for you to download and try via the N-Gage Application, so go ahead play some cards!