DesignClock shows what a screensaver should be like

22. April 2009 at 01:17


DesignClock from MojosMobile is a great way to have a useful screensaver. It offers 10 setting points and therefore is highly customizable. Read on to see the settings and feature list.


Activate: rather obvious, choose wether to activate the screensaver or not

Time to activate: set an amount of seconds until the screensaver becomes active

Show clock for: choose how long the creensaver will be active

Theme: choose either the two default backgrounds (which are really nice) or a custom image from your phone

Color: choose which color the clock and calendar will be displayed (black or white)

Transparency: choose how strong the clock and calendar will be drawn on the background picture

Clock Type: choose wether to have hh:mm, hh:mm:ss, or no clock at all

Calendar Type: choose wether to have the calendar displayed or not, or for landscape devices, use whole screen for clock

Show indicators: choose if you want to see the missed call, message, voicemail indicators

Illumination: choose to have backlight always on, always on when charging, or on on system preferencies

You see, quite a lot of things can be done here and the best thing about it is that it is fully integrated in the system. Forget those rubbish flash screensavers that drain your battery just to look good, and forget the default screensaver. Once you used this one you will definitely like it.

As usual, you can get a free 14 day trial over at MojosMobile, Though the app is very moderate priced at € 4,95. It is available for s60v3 devices aswell as for s60v5.

We also heard rumors that MojosMobile is working on TwitClock, which will be the same thing but with Twitter being integrated. Watch out for more.