Interview with Mojos Studios Founder Boris Raczynski

28. April 2009 at 12:10

Boris Raczynski

Mojos Studios was founded in 2007 by Boris Raczynski. With its apps for Symbian and other operating systems it is becoming more and more known. So, time for us to see what else is planned, what we can expect in future, andhave a deeper look into a software development studio. Boris was kind enough to answer a few questions that i hope you are interested in. Personally i think that we will see a lot of stuff coming from Mojos Studios, not only for Symbian devices.

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Would you please give the readers an overview about Mojos Studios, size, programmers etc.?

In brief words, the Studios are my personal passion. Being the development arm of MojosMobile the Studios are our reply to the fast-growing demand of net operators and appstores for high-quality software products. Actually MojosMobile is focussed on games for all platforms. But times are changing! Two years ago game publishers, developers and aggregators of mobile games earned tremendous money. But in fact the developers were the last one in the revenue chain. They did the entire job and the publishers and aggregators were demanding more and more work by them. Not only to develop outstanding games but punishing them with super-sized demands for marketing materials. Developers more and more became downgraded to losers in that business.

Suddenly the market changed! Steve realized his dream and the iPhone hit the shell. What a surprise that all talented game developers jumped like crazy to this possibility! Earn money with your games! Now it became reality.

What this has to do with the Studios? Everything! Due to MojosMobile we have a network of about 450 shops, appstores and sales channels around the globe. We can reach more customers than any other Symbian Publisher. We started to distribute high-quality products of third party companies and then step by step more and more developers joined us. Nowadays we have joint ventures with 10 companies and developers. Still rising! That way even Symbian Developers can earn money finally!

It became obvious that we should start our own development division. So we did – the Studios!

Currently MojosMobile has 14 employees and lots of cool people who are working freelance for us.

What is your intention in developing Symbian apps?

Being the former CEO & Founder of famous Symbianware my intention is quite easy to explain: bring high-quality software products to the people.

What can we expect in the next few weeks from Mojos Studios?

Our famous mobile Twitter client Twittix will be published in version 1.0 very soon. We took care of all suggestions of our users and build in all their desires!

Well, and having Twittix it is obvious that this will not be our last solution concerning social communities and news information systems. Two more are already under development.

Furthermore seven typical end-user products will be published very soon.

We are not only engaged on the so called B2C market but we are working for corporate clients as well. And an outstanding mobile advertising solution is going to be introduced in about two weeks.

More? Sure! There is a lot to tune in S60 UI. We will do that!

You hit the market with quality software at low prices. Does that mean that other developers ripped us off all the years?

I would not say so. By times are changing. And the market as well. Why should users pay EUR 19.95 for a software product for Symbian when the same one is available for iPhone for 2.99?

We will publish high-quality products, well-designed and with eight years of experience in Symbian OS development inside – for reasonable prices!

What was/is your most favourite project at Mojos Studios?

Are you asking for my favourite project at MojosStudios and for the most thrilling one of the last years? Difficult to say. Each product deserves a lot of love, skill and passion.

But yes, we made an outstanding one some years ago. A full-skinner and complete replacement of the UIQ UI. And we have such a product under development at Studios!

With Twittix you released a well demanded software. Do you think it was a fault to release v 0.90 as paid version instead of a public beta? There were many complaints about the software.

I do not believe in public betas. And the sales and feedbacks of the users tell us that we are right with this point of view. Please consider that we are no one-man show but a professional company who is working for the big-players around the world.

Therefore we believe in Symbian Signed as well. Nokia follows this quality and security standard so we do!

Are there any plans on releasing other social networking apps? Social Networking seems to be the big future of the internet.

Oh yes!

Where do you see Symbian in 3 years?

The question is not where I see Symbian. As long as Nokia is using it everything will be fine. Well, they should finally remove all the bugs left from the EPOC past but in fact Symbian is a very powerful and reliable operation system.

Therefore the question should be: how do I see the software market for Symbian? For Nokia S60? Honestly spoken Nokia was not able to make anything well regarding this topic. Since years they are trying and trying and… N-Gage I, N-Gage II, Softwaremarket, Mosh… all these attempts had a questionable success.

I really hope that the friends in Finland will open their eyes and mind one day. And…guys do it fast!

Just check the Apple AppStore! Yes, hard to believe but success can be achieved so easy!

Let us wait for OVI until we will give this question a final answer!

Where do you see Mojos Studios in 3 years?

The worldwide Number 1 software maker for Symbian, what else?

You are not only coding for Symbian. Which OS do you think will be the best/most liked in the future?

Apple, not one single doubt in that. This company is leaded by a creative brain. Nothing can happen to them!

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