N-Gage: Spore Origins Now Available

19. May 2009 at 21:32

Electronic Arts Monster creating and caring simulator has finally arrived onto the N-Gage Platform and it arrived in a nice fashion by being uploaded into the N-Gage Shorwoom during an N-Gage Golf Touranment.So the question appeared, do you either play Golf or download Spore Origins? – thats the tough choice some N-Gage players had to face and i was not one of them (for once).

At the moment the game has only appeared on the “N-Gage Application Showroom” and not the main showroom on the website, however i can tell you that the game costs 6 GBP and is 3mb to download onto your device – so its one of the smaller sized games, but will the game be just as small – hopefully not.

If you fancy giving the game a try login to N-Gage on your device and download it now! Happy Gaming! You can also head over to get further information.