Vir2l Studios To Be Releasing Two New N-Gage Games

21. May 2009 at 13:09

N-Gage Arena member (and a friend of mine) Brainimpactrush posted earlier this mourning that a new N-Gage game (being developed by Vir2l Studios) had been published in the “Coming Soon” Section of the N-Gage Showroom, this game was infact “AMF Bowling: Pinbusters” and you can see the page here.

Not only that he did some reasearch and found out that Vir2l Studios had an N-Gage Section on their website and they are also publishing a Moto GP style racing game called “Ducati Moto” – however this game has not been placed in the coming soon section of the N-Gage Showroom, probably because its being developed by someone else and is not ready for publishing.

Ducati Moto does not have a gamepage (on the publisher’s website) however it does have a gamepage for its AMF Bowling Game and according to the features this bowling game will feature online multiplayer and rankings not to mention a variety of game modes and characters, you can see its developer gamepage here.

Both games have previously been released on another platform, AMF Bowling was released on the Nintendo Wii shortly after “Wii Bowling” became popular (i tihnk its retail price was around 20 GBP) – but not only that  a DS version has been released (which the N-Gage version is a port of) – but it was an offline game only, and Ducati Moto is supposed to be heading (or has already) to the Nintendo DS, so both of these N-Gage games are ports of a Nintendo DS Game, how cool is that!

Vir2L Studios previously released “The Elder Scrolls: Shadowkey” onto the Original N-Gage and N-Gage QD so i believe these 2 games should proove to be very good games in terms of graphics and gameplay.