Nokia’s Way of marketing their Services

23. May 2009 at 11:42

22.05.2009 by you.

Nokia is more than a mobile phone manufacture. They are offering a hand full of services such as the Nokia Music Store, N-Gage, Nokia Maps, Files on Ovi and a few more. However, the problem of these services is how to market them and how to bring these services to the customers. Who will use the Nokia Music Store if they need to pay first? Therefore Nokia adds vouchers to devices such as the E75.


3 free month voice-guided navigation gives the user a good feeling of Nokia Maps. Instead of reading reviews and deciding whether to spent money for Nokia Maps or not they can use Nokia Maps 3 months for free and if they like it they can buy further licenses.


To promote the Music Store you’ll find a 5€ voucher inside the box. So you can download five songs and get a impression of the Music Store. I think after using the Music Store you will get a new view toward the Music Store and maybe you’ll purchase further music.


Despite N-Gage is offering trial versions of each game Nokia put an activation code in the box of the E75. Now you can buy a game and play the whole day while listening to music you purchased from the Music Store.


Also the almost unknown service Files on Ovi to share documents, PDFs, music, photos and more between your PC and your handset via internet is promoted by Nokia. On the back of the box you see the Files on Ovi icon with a short explanation. Opening the Files on Ovi application on your handset it says that you have one year free access to Files on Ovi. Although it isn’t highlighted as the Music Store or Nokia Maps I think that Nokia will win a few new costumers due to this free year.

All in all the new strategy is really good. Giving the user vouchers so that they test the service in hope that they will stick to it is for both, Nokia and the user, a good choice.