Fake Nokia N97’s Appear on eBay

28. May 2009 at 20:55

There is less than a month to go until the expected “iphone” beater is due out for release and public demand (or obsession) is so strong that even the chinese have started to chip-in, thats right N97 Clones have already started to appear on eBay and other auction styled websites – so if your planning on buying an N97 for these kind of sites – Be Warned!

Usually these auctions (or pages) are listed with a general picture of the N97, however some can be caught out (such as the photo above) – these “fake” Nokia N97’s are called “NokLa n97” to avoid any legal damages by nokia (im guessing?) – but the phones general layout and usage is exactly the same as a “real” Nokia N97 – but the tech specifications are entirely different, such as 2 Megapixel Camera (instead of 5) and MicroSD Card slot instead of having a built in Hard drive.

These phones generally sell for around £150 – £250 with proper pictures of the phone listed, however the other auction styles (that use a general picture) can go up to £500 which is the same price as a real n97 – so before buying or bidding make you sure you read the description carefully and always ask the important questions, in other words “Be Careful!”.