Guitar Hero – World Tour & Pacman to come to N-Gage soon

30. May 2009 at 16:40

Recently we reported that Ducati Moto will come to N-Gage soon. Now we do have further information regarding two new games coming to N-Gage in the next weeks or months. First title that will be sliding its way on N-Gage this summer is Guitar Hero- World Tour! The popular game by Connect 2 media has been adapted for N-Gage and will have an exclusive soundtrack that is highly confidential. But if you thought you may get to try your skills at playing, say a Lenny Kravitz track you wouldn’t be disappointed.

The second title is an all time classic from Bandai Namco. The highly addictive Pacman will be released in the summer as well and is set to have some great features when it launches onto the platform. I really looking forward playing these games as these titles are really popular.